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EnCor Navigator: allocation of assets in Q3 2023

“Barbell strategy” for portfolios continues in Q3

The resilience of the US economy and the positive performance of US equities in 2023 has continued to surprise many commentators and investors. US equities were the largest riskier […]

EnCor Navigator: allocation of assets in Q2 2023

Resilient growth dictates positioning in Q2

Financial markets around the world are in a much calmer situation than global news headlines might suggest: for Q2 2023 we see continued stabilization following on from the difficult year […]

EnCor Navigator: allocation of assets in Q1 2023

Conditions stabilizing in the near term, allowing some risk-taking

Liquidity and sentiment conditions in financial markets are calmer in Q1 2023 than they were during a stormy 2022, allowing greater risk-taking in portfolios. Our proprietary EnCor […]

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